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Diary of a tired Soul- Chapter 6-Wonder

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Well that’s her, short tempered and “I really do not give a flying fuhhhh…”..wait I cannot complete that sentence, because I am the soul, I am supposed to be a honkey-dorey good fella, but wait I am not so good, but then I am like the whole world presently is going through a paradigm shift, so why alter the real essence of love and malign it with complications and restrictions. Thus I am a peace loving entity who thinks good of my carrier Rumi. Enough about me let’s go back to Rumi, after storming out of the classroom she ushered through the galleries of the college. Her college walls were those of brick wall design that emanated a vintage feel. For those who love antique architecture this place is a must explore. But the students were often heard saying, “the owner just saved tons of money” “he is stingy”

Once on the stairs Rumi just had one sentence glued to her lips, “I hate him, I hate metallurgy, I hate engineering, I hate this college, I just….”, her words trailed off when she bumped into Lilliput who as usual was on a bunk and most probably high on weed.

“Sorry…I…”, she looked up, their eyes locked for a split second, Lilliput’s inquisitive eyes trailed her tears, her desperation but he couldn’t muster courage to ask as to what had happened.

Wiping her tears Rumi dashed right but bumped again as Lilliput awkwardly shifted to his left.

“Excuse me..”, she said exasperatedly


Making a 360 degree turn Lilliput scanned her perfect arse and as a loyal friend took out his phone to text Aman.

“Hey mate..your lady luck seems put off..”

“Yea..she just stormed out from class”

“She has a perfect arse you know..”

“Are you high?”

“How do you know?”

“Leave it..where is she headed to?”

“Canteen, I guess”


“Want me to keep an eye?”

“No, thanks..”

“Oooo… possessive…I mean…”

“That’s a big No, now stay where you are..I’ll join you in another 10minutes..”


With this Aman stoodup to leave the class. Sahil passed a wry smile and shook his head as if pondering upon the foolishness of so called “love”.


Daily Journal-An Odyssey
Daily Journal -An Odyssey


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