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Diary of a tired soul – Chapter 1- Trivia

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Dear all,

I am a wandering soul, much recently I left for the heavenly abode but then I decided to stay back and look around.

You all must be thinking, “arghh another sad trivia and a doremi”, no my dearest it is more of an up keep.

Well, let me tell you a story, off course of the girl I used to be in, but then where do I start from?

Never mind, come take my hand and let’s wander in the reverie of the poor human minds.

“Rumi..Rumi..Rumi..wake up my girl…wake up…” ahhh…allow me to push this little girl.

“Wait..what..was someone here..?

Whatever, it is 6 again, when did I fall asleep?

No,no,no, I do not want to go to the college, same old regime, I hate it, just hate it”, after getting a jerk in the sleep she finally decided to get going.

Rumi an average height girl with a heavy built, round face, big hazel eyes, cupid lips and brown hair that fell till her waist, was going through a rough patch in her life, with the added pressure of being an engineering student and yet being a poet at heart was something she coped up with every day.

“What is worse than a ghosted break-up?”, she talked out loud while brushing her teeth and rummaging through her stuff to go to college.

“I guess, the fact that you have to wake up every morning to continue the same old life, I hate it, just hate it”, after managing with the cussing, blaming and scuffling, she was finally ready to go on a war.

Dressed in a bell-bottom blue jeans, a loose white sweatshirt which she so desperately bought from H&M, she tied her hair in a rough bun, kohl in eyes, wine lipcolor plastered perfectly, she hopped down the streets in black suede high heel boots, with a black oversize tote, this was her revenge dressing code.

“Bohemian,huh..this should teach him a lesson..”, were her thoughts.

Once in the lecture hall, the main objective was to avoid the one with a broad smile and caucasian skin tone, but then the poor little heart, how can it avoid someone for whom the dress code was decided. With much effort a seat next to his archnemisis was chosen, and with astuteness a conversation was lit up, that too in the middle of the lecture.

“Hey..Sahil, are you working out these days?

“Well, just the regular dumbbells, is it that obvious?”, he replied with a grin

“You bet darling, I mean, look at your biceps..”, with this she delicately traced her long red nails on his otherwise normal arms.

“So, tell me what’s up with your life, I mean your practise, studies and stuff..”

“All good yaa, how have you been?

“And then there are some students who doesn’t understand the meaning of staying quiet while the lecture is on”, rebuked the metallurgy professor.

“Rumi and Sahil, out of my class now”

“But Sir…” Rumi retorted

“I said out, off course if you want to pass your internals, out”

While the whole class stared, she with a deep sigh went out along with Sahil trodding behind. Once out from the range of the classmates, Sahil said.

“Why did you do this?”


“Don’t be so coy, I know you were trying to make him jealous”


While she had a big smile on her face with speaks of tears in her eyes, Sahil put his arms around her and said, “Your ex and I might be nemesis, but you are my best friend, someone I know in and out, that too from our childhood, remember the two pigtails Rumi..?

“You still have that pic yaa..?”

“Wanna see it?”

The reply was in a nod and off the duo went to the cafe where once settled on the two seater sofa and after the trivia gossips, she took out her recent read, “forty rules of love” by Elif Shafak while he was engrossed in his “clean code” by Robert Martin

Well, well that’s how my dearest girl is coping up with her recent affairs, she’s a good hearted human you know, but then the stupid foolish minds, and offcourse the good for nothing heart. Let’s see where her journey takes her and what she finally chooses to be.


Diary of a tired soul- Chapter 2- US
Aur kabhi farishta nazar aane lagte ho

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