About Us

Ever came across a line “An idea can change your life?

Fizzle is also one such idea that completely changed our lives.

It so happened two friends were having a conversation–just random conversation and they realised that they were virtuosos of their respective fields-tech and content basically, thus the same day ideas were jotted down and here we are with “Fizzle”, an initiative to connect authors worldwide.

We at Fizzle value originality and honest content.
We believe content has the power to create a niché and someday even change the world.

It is a platform where we support authors from all domains and invite them to post their stuff.

From thoughts to musings to short stories to prose to book reviews and poetry, if you have something to say we are the ones to contact.

Filled with loads of badges and innovative ideas we hope to give back our authors recognition and bylines.

Come, post, and get recognized, and if you happen to collect badges then rest assured we’ll get you some gifts to die for.

Fizzle is a great platform to display your skills.

We just expect original ideas and concepts.

Last but not the least “let there be fizzle