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Diary of a tired soul- Chapter 2- US

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So, dear all, you must be thinking why this soul is so eager to talk to us humans, I mean we souls are meant to follow you all, not have an identity of our own, right?

But then every time Rumi sleeps I decide to sneak out and wander wherever I want, especially to places she really wants to visit, yea, yea, yea, I love her okay, she’s my human, I adore her. I so dislike her too for so many things but then all things apart Rumi is my responsibility.

A human with a fragile ego, short temper and ever ready tears on brim of eyes, it is a huge task in keeping her heart in place. She’s a loyal flirt, you know, somebody who’d fall in love, remain in love but then after a while all would be forgotten and lost. Anyways, once I helped her with her some stupid physics problem, once with her some mathematics problem, from Lagrange’s Theorem to trusses, I wander far and wide to get her job done. Don’t ask me how many realms I travel, how many ques I wait, just to get answers to the questions she need. And then after waking up all she says is, “Oh, I am so tired..”.

Offcourse you’d be tired, I was wandering, ‘your soul was on a mission’. Do you humans have any idea as to how much we love you?

Naah, you guys are selfish morons who are self indulged and not in the least aware of the inner-being, the subconscious.

“Sahil…”, Rumi called him in her sing song voice


“have you ever had sleep paralysis, or ever felt tired on waking up..?

“well..yes and no..I mean, sleep paralysis, yes, tired yes but then I never think about it that much, why what happened..?

“nothing, these days I feel so worn out, tired, gloomy, I just want to shut myself in my room and dig deep into my books..”

“that’s because darling you are sad..”

“wanna eat something?”


She went ahead and ordered her favourite chicken noodles burnt in garlic sauce and Sahil’s favourite cottage cheese grilled sandwich with two cold coffees which eventually would end up in being at least ten by the end of the day.

As soon she turned back she stumbled into Aman, a tall, lean, athletic built lad who knowingly stood close to her.

“I am sorrr…oh..never mind, excuse me please..”

Just a stare that followed her gait, while Rumi’s heart pumped with adrenaline and eyes were again soggy.

Aman was indeed the caucasian toned fellow whom she was so desperately avoiding, but then love has different ways and means. Otherwise a handsome stoic fellow, he hardly ever spoke out of turn and believed in brevity of words. His observant gaze did his major work, after taking in Rumi’s scent, he quietly went and sat just opposite to her with a solemn look.

“Did you notice that..?”, she asked Sahil


“What the fuck he think of himself? Like standing so near me, I mean..”

“Calm down, here have some water..”

“Poison..can I have some..?”

“Drama…stop your shenanigans yaa…”,

“What…I so wanna die…you know..I just wish…I sleep and never get up again..ever..”

“Shut up, or I’ll pack my stuff and go out on the filed..”


“ are such a melodrama queen…stop your drag yaaa…”



The conversation was interrupted with their order being called out, Sahil went to collect the same.

Sahil was neither tall nor short but had broad shoulders, deep set arched brows, big eyes, athletic cut body and had a habit of walking on his toes, with a near perfect ass, he was a dream boy to many, but his heart was either in coding or in football, at times he juggled between the two and somehow managed to ace both.



“when are your menses due…”

“what do you mean..?”

“nothing, your mood swings…”

“oh..shut up, let me eat..”


“when’s the match..?”

“next month, first week, we are looking for a right winger, forward and left I’ll somehow manage, for defense we have Lilliput, I need a good support from right, a rapport you know, the cut has to be lethal, your ‘mon amor’ is too good at observation.”


“you and your false invectives, your ladyluck is always in his favour”

“rubbish..there’s nothing like ladyluck..”

“ me this”


“pinky promise..?”


The lunch was winded up and off they went to attend the computer lab which was to go on till 5, after that Rumi would be heading towards a brisk run while Aman and Sahil would lock horns on the football ground.


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