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Diary of a tired soul-Chapter 4- Being

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Dear humans, as you all know, I have been trying to find solace, I went to Ganges but it was too crowded, I thought about Thames and Murray but then it meant investing a lot of time and Rumi has to get up by 8 for her classes. So, I settled with Bosphorus, a bridge between Asia and Europe it is one of the masterpieces as created by the Almighty. Once there I just sat beside the vast stretch and was pondering over the day’s event.

Dear humans, why are you all so reckless? I mean why do you all think that life is only what you all see? When will you guys understand that it is timeless, you are timeless, in fact we are also carriers, we keep hoping from one body to another in order to find rather experience different aspects from different viewpoints.

Rumi is being naive, giving in all the feelings to just one human and forgetting her real self, forgetting to evolve with each passing day, making herself second priority, is it really worth it? I don’t think so, life is more than that meets the eye, if only she can understand that, she’ll be better off on her own. Anyways, time passes real quickly in your realm, but in ours it is like a flowing river, a smooth transition but then again it is time for her to wake up so let’s go and see how she’s feeling.

“Rumi…..Rumi…Rumi…get up yaa..it is already 7:30, we’ll be late, professor won’t let us in…Rumiiiiiii….”, Sumi kept on yelling at her best friend but in vain, Rumi was in a deep sleep, it was quarter to 8 before she woke up with some mumbling words like “no, wait..I don’t wanna go..wait..”

“What happened..?, Sumi asked

“what…?, Rumi had a blank face with a question mark

“you just mumbled something…”

“no, I didn’t..”

“yes, you did..where is it you don’t wanna go..?

“college offcourse…”, she answered without making any eye contact

“please freshen up and get ready, we are running late…”

“Prof Mal is a samaritan, he’ll let us in..” Rumi answered while prepping her bucket with bathroom essentials.

“It is Shukla’s class, and he doesn’t let peeps in after 8:20, he literally closes door, no proxy and no attendance..”

“it’s Thursday right..?”

“Rumi..have you lost it..it is Friday..”

“oh..I’ll be back in a jiffy..”

With her beige cargos and red round neck tee, she rushed towards the washroom, brushed her teeth while sitting in the rest room and thinking about the vivid dream which felt close to real. Once under the shower she shampooed her hair but failed to tie it in a bun after applying conditioner, after fighting a little she gave up, washed herself thoroughly, dried out and dressed up as quickly as possible and running towards her room, where Sumi sat patiently scrolling through her Instagram.

“Ankle tops or flats?”, she asked Sumi for a pick

“um….none, all whites rather..”


“red or wine..?


“satchel or backpack?”


“And for your hair, just leave it open, don’t fight for a bun..”

“Yea..yea..don’t try to read me..”

“well..that’s what bffs are for..to read and wait and understand..”

Dressed in beige cargo, red tee, white sneakers, brown lip colour with a black sling bag Rumi turned to Sumi for a review

“just a little fake smile to ward off the sadists…”

“ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..will it work..?”

“perfect…here..your notebooks..can we go now..?”


Relucantly, Rumi left for the college, where a long day awaited her but her mind was constantly thinking about the dream of last night, it was as if the universe was sending her a message and it was up to her to decrypt the signals.


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