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I wonder why am I so not over you

Maybe it is loneliness that is making me so weak in the knees

That my body is longing for your touch

Or is it that you miss me too and that is why

The spirits of our bodies are trying to connect

Does your heart too pounds like mine?

Does your heart too beats and aches like mine?

Does your body miss my touch?

Do you still get high on every notion of my breath?


I feel helpless

Can you help me calm this rage in me

Down beside me

So trenched and drenched with my blood

I remember how we tasted one other

I remember how we savoured each other

I remember how…

Yet all seem lost n you are no more

Are you dead

Or were you no more?

Or were you just an illusion

An illustration of my soul?


From hummus to pita to khubz

I remember it all

From Afghan to Iran to Iraq I wander now alone

From naturals to Nandos

They are my resort

I don’t find u at all

Lebanese n what not

Yet not a trace of your soul


Why is it that you are a ghost?

Why is it that I see you no more?

The gifs n emojis are all lost

I vail scream n shout your name in every moan

You are lost

I am lost

This pain in me drenches me for sure


Where to find you?

Can I find you?

Love is it again?

Or just my lust for you?

Teary eyes look out for you..

Why is it now that I have everything

Still I miss you the most


Dearest love, please come back to my vacant soul..

The space is all yours

The heart thirsty for your love

The smile the fights the screams and shouts

We own them all

Please come back

Just once 

I’ll make sure to be there

Like your shadow

Like your guardian

Invisible yet present

To love n care for you

In a manner that you’ve never had before…..!

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